So the brief was simple...increase giving-levels in Ireland during one of the worst recessions in history!

A simple brief calls for a simple idea. The One Percent Difference is the movement that enables everyone to give irrespective of their financial footing. We created a 'through-the-line' campaign (TV / radio / website / digital display ads / social media skins & posts / PR activity / etc.) that encourages Irish people and businesses to give 1% of their time or money to a cause they believe in.  

Former Irish President, Mary Robinson, helped launch the campaign, which was featured on RTE News and the majority of Irish current affairs websites, blogs and newspapers. enables you to discover how much 1% means to you in time or money and will even help you figure out what types of causes best suit you.


The ultimate aim of the logo is for it to become the symbol of giving i.e. an indicator that a product, service or company has committed to donating 1% of its time or money to a cause they believe in. The hope is that it will become as recognisable and commonplace as the symbols for Recycling, Fair Trade, and Love Irish Food.

This animation is a short and simple way to explain the idea to the uninitiated.


 Art Director: Austin Richards
Copywriters: Kris Clarkin / Ronan Nulty
Brand Identity: Barry Smith
Digital Design: Niall Staines
Director (TV): Tom Merilion (Speers)
Animator (web video): Conor Whelan (Piranha Bar)